Meet these amazing but cocky characters

Meet these amazing but cocky characters

Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:29 pm
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First you got Willy Johnson! You can try to beat him! It'll be hard! He is a bit too proud of himself, this makes him... cocky. So you really shouldn't... piss him of because he'll go... nuts.
So he can be quite a dick.

Woody McPecker. A skilled farmer.
He's holding his stick.
He takes care of his barn and his animals (mainly chickens and cocks). He also sells his vegetables wich he keeps in a sack. He recently stopped seeing profit though, that kinda.... sucks.

Next up is Rodney Beefmember. Nicknamed 'Rod' by his friends. He enjoys being a... member of the community. He loves sausages. He enjoys shoving them in his mouth, when they're still warm and juicy.

Dick Junkman! He's a wizard! He shoots magic! He is holding his wand and will use it to impress all his friends. Unfortunately he's not very good at magic, that kinda.... blows.
Oh, and he's got a pet cockatoo.

And last.. but certainly not least, Winkie the One-Eyed Monster!!!
He's a monster, but a nice one! He's a fireman! He uses his gun... but only for self-defence. With his helmet and warm, soft skin he is very much adapted to fire and will help everyone... Winkie will Always get the... job done. With his hose.

Thank you very much.
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