Rebels Lockey

Rebels Lockey

Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:24 pm
Josh 19th
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Real Name: Jaxon Freeman
Weapon Of Choice: Saw And Wrench
Side: Rebel
Location: Detroit,Michigan

Lockey is the son of Vet,he was born and raised in Vancouver,Canada. He grew up a die hard hockey fan and began playing at the age of 5. He was soon put into his aunt and uncle's home while his Father went back into the Canadian army. While in Columbus,Ohio he grew very fond of engines and repairing mechanical things. One day in hockey practice a wild puck hit Jax in eye he soon enjoyed seeing movies he decided to wear 3-d glasses. When the Union's attacks started to occur he went to the local military guard and heard that he should try his best to survive. 8 years later he headed to Detroit. He then became the Rebels mechanic.
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