Rebels Skeleton

Rebels Skeleton

Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:20 pm
Josh 19th
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Real Name: Unknown
Weapon Of Choice: Shotgun and pistol
Side: Rebel
Location: Detroit,Michigan

Skeleton is the leader of the Rebels he is the one who signs the letters he leaves in his wreckage of rebellion. Skeleton was found by S.C. in a forest S.C. took Skeleton in and raised him back to health. Only S.C. knows Skeleton's real name and refuses to tell anyone his name. When he was fully healed he had a feeling the Union did this to him, since that day he started to wear a mask to allow his identity to be a secret. He's left a burning wreckage in his path and recruited people to join his rebellion. He was given the nickname "The Dead" for his face or mask that he wears and people swear they have seen him burning alive.
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