Rebels Jareen The 2nd

Rebels Jareen The 2nd

Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:38 pm
Josh 19th
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Real Name: Jareen
Weapon Of Choice: Prefers talking rather than violence
Side: Union
Location: Netherlands

Jareen is the son of a very wealthy man who runs a factory for the Union. Jareen calls himself "The Second" after his twin brother's death who fought against his brother and father. Jareen is smart, funny, and charismatic he is also a very good friend of Eggslav. Jareen keeps his dog by his side as a sense of a companion who loves him like his brother. Ever since his brother's death Jareen debates to himself what he will do when his father passes away, and if he should leave to go to join a group of people who are very powerful that call themselves the Rebels.
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