Jareen II Flamesh

Jareen II Flamesh

Wed May 08, 2013 3:17 pm
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Side: Evil
God(des)/Demi God(des): God of Fire
Banned from Souhtparkia mountain: Yes, after killing about 30 young virgins for fun by fire.

Jareen grew up as son of the guard of torch of power.
After a story his father told him when he was 5 he became obsedded with the fire. on his 15th he protected the fire. But in his dreams the torch was calling him: 'Carry me' the torch would say. So he stole it. The power got him to the evil. After his father gave him 31 virgins he camled down. But on night he killed 30 of them for fun and married 1.

Togther they got 1 child: Josher Flamesh XIX
who he killed.
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