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Malacath is the Daedric prince whose sphere is the patronage of the spurned and ostracized, the keeper of the Sworn Oath, and the Bloody Curse. Malacath was created when Boethiah ate the Altmeri ancestor spirit, Trinimac, although Malacath himself says that this tale is far too "literal minded". Trinimac's devout Elven followers became the Orsimer ("Pariah Folk" in Elvish), or Orcs. Some disagree, claiming that Trinimac still exists and Malacath is a separate entity. Malacath is not recognized as a Daedric Lord by his peers, which fits his sphere perfectly. The Dunmer say he is also Malak (or Malauch), the god-king of the Orcs and one of the Four Corners of the House of Troubles that tests the Dunmer for physical weakness. Other names include "Mauloch", the "God of Curses", "Orkey", or "Old Knocker". Malacath spurns physical weakness, hence the above-average strength of the creatures associated with him. The hideous and stupid Ogrim are the servants of this "bad daedra".

Malacath is allied with Mephala and his enemy is Ebonarm. His summoning day is 8th of Frost Fall. His plane of Oblivion is Ashpit, which is described as consisting only of dust, palaces of smoke, and vaporous creatures: "anguish, betrayal, and broken promises like ash filled the bitter air". Levitation and magical breathing are necessary to survive there. Malacath's shrine in Cyrodiil, where he is depicted as a muscular Orc ready to strike with a heavy weapon, is patronized entirely by Orcs who hate "beautiful people".
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