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Peryite, also known as the Taskmaster, is the Daedric Prince whose spheres are order and pestilence. Peryite's is depicted as a four legged dragon and is considered one of the weakest Daedric Princes. He appears to take pleasure in "blessing" his worshippers with diseases, and is considered one of the more destructive daedra. Peryite's enemies are Ebonarm, Vaernima, and Mephala. His summoning day is the Ninth of Rain's Hand. Peryite's plane of Oblivion is known as the Pits. It consists of the lowest reaches of Oblivion, resembling a fiery and gloomy hell similar to the Deadlands. Despite being one of the weaker Princes, Peryite often takes the form of a dragon. He has also been known to appear as ghostly apparitions of vermin, such as skeevers.
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