trip to darkness (with story)



trip to darkness (with story)

trip to darkness (with story)

Tue May 15, 2012 4:06 pm
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the story:
Little girl: I think were lost brother...
Little boy: Yes i think so 2...
Weird circus looking man: Well well well my childeren lost?
Little girl: Who are you?
Weird circus looking man: The name is not important.
Little girl: Yes it is.
Weird circus looking man: SHUT UP, what mathers is do wanna get out of here.
Both little: YES.
Weird circus looking man: Well give me youre 3 bills.
Little girl: Well i don't know i don't trust it.
Little boy: A come on do you wanne get home or what?
Little girl: Well i guess...
Weird circus looking man: GOOD. Now give it.
-little girl give the money-
Weird circus looking man: Follow me mortals...
Little boy: Mortals???
Weird circus looking man: Yes foolish mortals trapped for ever here.
Little girl: Wait you said...
-the Weird circus looking man dissaperd-

The boy and girl never got home. They were cursed by devil himself. So if you see them searching for home. Don't help them or you will end like them. Trapped between the real world and the dead world.
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