When do you update the site and how do we know about it?

I try to upload new content every couple of weeks. But it is difficult to predict when I have enough time. There are several ways to know if there are new updates:

This is the place where you can read about what’s new first. You can also subscribe to the RSS-Feed.
Follow SP_STUDIO on Twitter if you prefer to read about updates there.
If you use Facebook like theSPstudio! I write about every update there and read your comments.
You can follow thespstudio on Instagram if this is the social network of your choice.
If you want to support the development of the SP-Studio (= more updates) you can become a Patron. You will see exclusive “behind the scenes” stuff before updates go online and can vote for what you want to see next.
I don’t write about updates here but if you want to see SP-Studio related artwork you should follof my DeviantArt account sp-studio-art. I upload edited drawings related to the SP-Studio content.


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