What will NEVER be included in the SP-Studio? Why?

You can send me requests for new items, because I always try to improve this website and I am happy about feedback. Don’t be shy :). But you can stop asking for the following things, because I will never include them:

  • NO different body shapes
    Please stop asking about adults and fat kids. It should be obvious why there are no different shapes, but I will explain it again to make sure everybody can read it:
    If there is a second body shape you cannot combine the old items with it. First problem: From now on you cannot combine everything = less possibilities = less fun. Another big problem is the time. I would have to draw EVERY single item again for the new shape. This is a very stupid and time consuming work. Even if I would like to do this it would mean: no updates for at least a year. It makes more sense to use my free time for interesting NEW items for the existing SP-Studio. There are character creators out there which offer different body shapes, but of course this always means less items for each shape. Simple maths ;). This is not the way I want to go, because I prefer to offer you as many items as possible which can be combined freely.
  • NO more band shirts / sport trikots
    There are SO many bands and clubs out there, it is impossible to satisfy every fan. Sorry, but this is too special. And the logos are protected by copyright, so I will not do it anymore to avoid legal trouble.
  • NO famous brands or logotypes
    Same problem. I do not want to get in trouble because of the copyrights, so I try to avoid them.
  • NO offline version
    The SP-Studio is meant to be an online game which stays on my website only. I think this is fair, because I do not charge money from you. Your visit on my website is my only reward for years of work, because I enjoy your feedback. If this was gone I would stop working here, because I had nor reason to continue. Additionally an offline version could not be updated as easily as this website, so this is the best for everybody.
  • NO sound / animation
    The SP-Studio is meant to be a picture maker and will stay this way. Adding sounds and animations would steal a lot of time I prefer to use for drawing useful new items. Sorry, but if you search for a movie maker you will have to look elsewhere. And another problem is: I am no coder and work alone. It would not be possible for me to code this.

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