What do the black symbols mean?

In the SP-Studio you can see six black symbols:

  • The Home Symbol button shows the Sp-Studio home screen. This is the speech bubble with the welcome text. Your picture is NOT deleted when you click the Home button. You just need to click on a category to see it again.
  • The Disc Symbol lets you save your pictures to your computer. They are never saved automatically, so if you want to keep them, please remember to use this button. When you click the button you will be informed ybout the copyrights. On the left you can select one of three sizes for your picture. Then a little pop up will appear where you can choose if you want to save the picture or open it. Usually it will be saved to your Downloads folder as sp-studio.jpg.
  • The Trash Can Symbol deletes your current picture, so you can start over. Every item, body part and the background will be removed. So be careful with this button.
  • The Lock Symbol lets you “lock” your picture if you do not want to be able to move, delete or flip single parts of it. Then it is impossible to use the item menu. I never use this feature, but some people asked me to include it because they were afraid to accidentaly delete something.
  • The Full Screen Symbol lets you work on your picture in large scale. Click again to switch back to the small version.
  • The Questionmark Symbol shows a help screen. It describes the basic features of the SP-Studio in different languages.

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