How does the Freestyle Collection work?

Freestyle CollectionUsually the SP-Studio works as easy as this: Click on a category, click on a an item and it will appear in your picture. You cannot change the order of the items, so for example hats will always appear on top of the hair and not behind it. The “Freestyle Collection” (in “Shirts”) is an exception. Here you can design your own clothes by combining up to three parts in any order you like. For example: a yellow jacket on top of a red dress on top of a striped t-shirt. Or what would it look like with the dress on top of the jacket? It’s all up to you.

You have 3 layers for clothes. Switch between them by clicking on the numbers 1, 2 or 3 on top of the clothes. Layer 1 is the bottom layer. Layer 2 is on top of layer 1. Layer 3 is on top of layer 1 and 2. Maybe it is easier to memorize this way:
1 = underwear, 2 = shirt, 3 = coat. Try it and you will be able to create your own fashion!

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