How can I use my own background image?

You need a good graphics editing program to do this, like Gimp or Photoshop. I will use Photoshop for this tutorial.

  1. Create your SP-Studio character. Choose a background color that is different from the hair, clothes and skin you use. And it is best to use a background color that is similar to the background image you want to include later. For example you should use a dark background color if you want to use a photo from a night sky.
  2. Make a screenshot of your character as described in the F.A.Q. section “How can I save pictures in better quality?”. You could use the save button, but a screenshot improves the quality of the result. Paste your picture in your graphics program. Maybe you have to crop it to remove the SP-Studio interface. Here is a picture of what it looks like when I do this in Photohop:
  3. Now we should remove the background. Select the magic wand tool and click on the black background. Then press the DEL key to get rid of it. The magic wand tool can have different options. The tolerance should be around 15, “Anti-alias” and “Contiguous” should be selected. I show this in the left picture:
  4. The right picture shows the “Layers” window and the result of our final step. We need this window now, so make sure you see it (maybe you have to search for it in the “Window” submenu of the menu bar). If there is a “background” layer click on it and delete it. You can save your picture now as a PNG file without background. But we want to include a new background image, so let’s open this additional file. You can use any picture you want. Copy it and paste it in the file with the SP-Studio character. You will see a new layer appearing in the list of layers. Make sure it’s under the layer of the character – you can move it if it’s not. And now we are done!

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