4) TROUBLESHOOTING: If something is not working

Why does the SP-Studio not show up or look strange?

The SP-Studio needs the browser plugin “Adobe Flash Player”. This was a standard once, but today most browsers do not support it anymore like they did in the past. This is why the SP-Studio won’t work on most mobile devices.

If the whole game does not work there are two suggestions I can make: Try to install the newest Flash plugin and check your browser’s internet options. Maybe they block the website. Most of the time security settings or an ad-blocker is the reasons if the SP-Studio does not show up. Deactivate those settings for sp-studio.de to make it work.

If only certain parts of the game or website look strange or updates are missing you should clear your browser cache (= temporary internet files). You can do this in your browser settings. Sometimes after an update you have to force the browser to load the new files if it does not find them on its own.

How can I use mobile devices?

The SP-Studio is coded in Flash and so you need to install the Adobe Flash plugin for your browser to make it work. This leads to problems with smartphones and tablets, because they do not support Flash anymore. But you can use special mobile browsers to make it work. These are some free apps you can try: Photon Flash Player & Browser (Android & iOS), FlashFox (Android), Puffin Browser (ioS).

Why does the save button not work for me?

If you cannot save your pcture with the black disc symbol most of the time it is the fault of a pop up blocker. Check the security settings of your browser and allow SP-Studio.de to use pop ups.
If you STILL cannot use the button you will have to make a “screenshot” to save your picture. This is how it works:

  • Windows Vista / 7: Use the “Snipping Tool” in the start menu.
  • Windows XP: Press the “print” key on your keyboard, nothing happens.
    Then open software like Paint, Photoshop or Word. Click “edit”, “paste” and the picture appears.
  • Mac: Press Apple-shift-4.

I lost my picture! Can you restore it and send it to me?

No, I am sorry. None of the SP-Studio pictures are saved on my server, so there is no way for me to see your picture or to send it to you. If you do not save it when you create it, it will be lost.

Can you help me to recognize the colors?

Some SP-Studio visitors are colorblind or have other visual impairments. Here is a version of the current color palette with descriptions to help them pick fitting colors:

color palette with descriptions