7) HOT NEWS: The NEW SP-Studio is in development!

Why do do you need money?

In early 2018 I asked for financial support to start working on a “new SP-Studio”. Without your help this website is doomed to shut down, because it relies on Flash and Flash will not be supported anymore in the future. Already many browsers do not load Flash pages.

I worked on the SP-Studio for 17 years without payment. But I can not afford to do a complete rework. So this is why I need money to continue. With the money I can take the time to develop the SP-new Studio, to pay for software and to pay coders to help me because I could do this on my own. It is a huge project and unfortunately things like these are expensive. Only a small amount of SP-Studio users donate something, so spreading the word about my situation is very important. Please help the SP-Studio to survive.

What will be new in the new SP-Studio?

  • The new SP-Studio will not rely on Flash anymore which means it will work on every browser. While the old SP-Studio will stop working this new version will continue to run. And this means there will finally be a mobile version – and the new user interface will be optimized for smartphones!
  • The new SP-Studio will keep most items from the old SP-Studio and there will be some more. I look through every drawing and improve the old ones which do not look good. So many classic SP-Studio items will look better.
  • There will be custom color options for nearly all of the items! You can be more creative than ever.
  • You will be able to combine different items on differnet layers. For example you can wear a t-shirt on top of a jacket or under it. In the old SP-Studio this only worked for the items in the freestyle collection. In the new Sp-Studio this will work for every item.
  • There will be more, but I don’t want to spoil too much yet… :).

When will the new SP-Studio launch?

Development takes a lot of time so I don’t want to talk a bout a release date yet.