1) COPYRIGHTS: Important legal information

Is this an official South Park website?

This is NO official South Park website. The art style is based on this TV show, but I am just a fan. It is a noncommercial project I created in my spare time. Some think it is official, because it became very popular, was the first Flash game of its kind and still is the biggest one. It was even used for promotion on the official South Park website and they recycled my code and some drawings to create their own version. But I do not work for them and don’t get payed. And… No, unfortunately I do not know how to contact Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

May I use the pictures for …?


  • Personal use of SP-Studio pictures without publishing them. Saving, editing, printing at home,…
  • Using SP-Studio pictures as profile pictures. For Facebook, Twitter, forums, YouTube channels,…
  • Designing personal presents which are not sold. Greeting / invitation cards, single printed shirts,…


  • Sharing the pictures on other websites is allowed, but always mention SP-STUDIO.DE as the source when you show a picture.
    Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, forums, Instagram, DeviantArt…
  • The same goes for using the pictures as part of your own project – as long as you do not earn money with this project.
    Videos, webcomics, private homepages, promos for small bands…
  • Using the pictures for advertisment is only allowed if you promote a school project or charity.


  • Commercial use of the pictures is strictly forbidden. Logos, advertising, commercial websites,…
  • This includes selling the pictures or designing products (for example t-shirts) with them. Ebay, Amazon marketplace…
  • Be fair! Never claim SP-Studio pictures to be your own art / drawings. Contests, DeviantArt,…
  • Don’t steal the files. If you want to link to this page link to SP-STUDIO.DE – not to the Flash files.

Copyright infringements are against the law! Even if I do not sue you the producers of South Park might. So please be very careful with what you do.

You are allowed to remove the watermark (a button for this can be found in the save screen), because I believe you will support my work voluntarily if you like it. If you remove the watermark, please make sure to mention sp-studio.de otherwise when sharing the picture.

If you use my drawings for your own projects you might consider a small donation to support me and the SP-Studio. This is voluntarily as well, but I ask for it because this is the only way I can keep this website running. Thanks!

Are other websites allowed to include the SP-Studio?

NO. Nobody is allowed to copy the SP-Studio (or parts of it) without my permission.
Please show some respect for the many years of work I put into this and do not steal the files. I created the SP-Studio and so the legal situation is clear. Right now no other website is allowed to use it, because I want to keep it here. I made some very bad experiences in the past… people tried to trick me and make money out of my work. So I hope you understand my reasons.
Unfortunately there are people out there who show no respect for the work of others. This is not only a sign of a really bad personality, but also against the law. I drew everything myself, so if you find parts of my SP-Studio in a similar game they are STOLEN. Some people even copy the whole SP-Studio and just delete my name. This hurts a lot.
Please do not support thieves! Though I have seen some stolen “SP-Studios” in the past none of them are complete, because you can only find the newest updates here on my own website. So please do not waste your time with thieves who do not deserve any attention. If you like what I do only visit the original version on my website. It is the biggest one and I never steal from others. I put my time and money into this to give you a free and fun experience.