Are other websites allowed to include the SP-Studio?

NO. Nobody is allowed to copy the SP-Studio (or parts of it) without my permission.
Please show some respect for the many years of work I put into this and do not steal the files. I created the SP-Studio and so the legal situation is clear. Right now no other website is allowed to use it, because I want to keep it here. I made some very bad experiences in the past… people tried to trick me and make money out of my work. So I hope you understand my reasons.
Unfortunately there are people out there who show no respect for the work of others. This is not only a sign of a really bad personality, but also against the law. I drew everything myself, so if you find parts of my SP-Studio in a similar game they are STOLEN. Some people even copy the whole SP-Studio and just delete my name. This hurts a lot.
Please do not support thieves! Though I have seen some stolen “SP-Studios” in the past none of them are complete, because you can only find the newest updates here on my own website. So please do not waste your time with thieves who do not deserve any attention. If you like what I do only visit the original version on my website. It is the biggest one and I never steal from others. I put my time and money into this to give you a free and fun experience.

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