Contest News (August)

SP-Studio contestA new SP-Studio picture contest has started! It would be wonderful to see as many or even more creative pictures as last time. Submit your unedited SP-Studio picture on the CONTEST PAGE until August 20th (or via email or Facebook message). The topic for this month is VIDEOGAME HEROES. From Mario to Sonic and from Duke Nukem to Lara Croft. All the pictures will be shown on the FACEBOOK PAGE on August 21st and then you can vote for your favorites by liking them on Facebook or voting in the SP-Studio forum. The winner is granted a free wish of a SP-Studio of his or her choice. Good luck!

The last contest about BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES was won by Scott with his picture about Avengers: Infinity War. Congratulations! You can see the Top Five of past contests in the Hall of Fame. Thanks to everbody for sharing your amazing pictures!


  1. What problem do you have?
    Don’t you know how to create a character, how to save it or how to enter the contest?
    What computer do you use?

  2. When you go on you should see the “create your own cartoon character!” box. There are instructions on the left and you can select the single parts on the right.

    If you don’t see any of this most likely your browser does not support Flash. You can activate it in your browser settings or have to install the Flash plugin:

    The SP-Studio does not work on smartphones and most tablets. So you need a real computer.

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