A look back – and next steps

Happy new year! I hope 2019 started great for you and will bring you a lot of joy.

In this blog post I want to tell you about my plans for this year and look back on the last one. 2018 has been very exciting! Back in January I announced my plans to replace the old SP-Studio with a “remake” that won’t rely on the dying Adobe Flash plugin anymore. To make this possible I had to ask for financial support. This step was neccessary to safe the future of this website and I am incredibly thankful for everybody who decided to donate. My minimum goal was reached and I even found help with the coding. During the following months Kai Wegner helped me to build the base of the new SP-Studio and I worked on the design, learned how to deal with the new coding and started to convert and improve the old items.

While the financial support was enough to start with this huge project it was not enough for me to take bigger breaks from my daily job. So while I am very satisfied with how the SP-Studio remake turns out so far it will take time to finish it. I cannot give you a release date yet, but I want you to know I am working on it whenever I can.

How your money is spent

Since I want to be transparent with the money you donated here is an overview about my earnings in 2018.

  • 1.045 € Patreon donations from 25 supporters (January – December 2018)
  • 1.299 € PayPal & cash donations from 47 supporters (January 2018 only)
  • 449 € PayPal & cash donations from 48 supporters (February – December 2018)

So in total I earned 2.793 €. Thank you very much! As you can see the month after my initial announcement was amazingly successful which mainly was caused by SP-Studio visitors sharing the news. As expected the attention dropped after a couple of weeks, but Patreon was a constant source for donations with about 100 $ per month. This is why both ways to support the SP-Studio are very important.

From these earnings 1.020 € were used to pay for expenses directly tied to the development, such as software and webspace. So 1.773 € were left this year as my own wage for working on the SP-Studio. This translates into about four weeks off from my regular job for working on the SP-Studio instead. But I worked on it more than that to make some progress. This is just a calculation to illustrate why the donations are so important and why they directly affect the release date.

What progress was made in 2018

The current version of the SP-Studio received 93 new items in 2018. Since I reached my milestone of 100 $ per month on Patreon I promised to draw an average of 12 items per month instead of the current 7 items per month. But some items will be included in the new version instead, so this is why they did not show up yet.

The new version of the SP-Studio has reached beta status, which means the basic functions are working. And it looks great already! New icons were designed and many items have been prepared already to work with the new version. If you wonder why this takes so long I wrote a detailed blog post about the process.

What is planned for 2019

The damaged forum will be replaced by a better forum software this month to provide you with a better place for feedback, support and random conversations with other fans. And I will continue with content updates for the current version during the development of the new one so you won’t get bored during the wait. I also want to add a new section to this website with alle the information about the new SP-Studio in one place.

Additional features like custom colors or rotating will be added to the SP-Studio remake during the next couple of months and I hope to release the beta version then for testing. It will be shown to my Patrons and other supporter first. Meanwhile I continue to transfer old items to the new SP-Studio and improve them.

I will also decide on a final name soon. SP-Studio remake does not sound good… Perhaps it will be called Super SP-Studio or just SP-Studio 2? Feel free to discuss your ideas in the comments! While SP-Studio 2 sounds like a logical solution I kinda like the sound of Super SP-Studio and think it’s less boring. But I haven’t decided on a name yet.


  1. Oh, to be honest those special characters are not very popular. It’s fun for me to draw them and they are a good way to show how a SP-Studio character can look like. But when it comes to acutally using the SP-Studio most people prefer the parts which can be used for all kind of characters. I guess it’s more fun to be creative.

    So I try to keep those “famous costumes” as simple as possible. Usually you recognize them with the regular legs as well, so this is why I don’t add special legs which only work for one character. The extra work is just not worth it.

    General Grevious would be an interesting idea, but I already added so many Star Wars related stuff I am afraid it’s already too much. :) And he is none of the main characters. Han Solo or Amidala would be my prefered choice.

  2. I can see why. But I decided to keep the picture, because I never deleted pictures for showing violent scenes. I would have deleted it if the victim was mocked or if it was used for a political statement defending the murder.

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