80s cartoons #2: Ducks

It has been a while since the last one because I mainly worked on the SP-Studio remake lately, but here it is: The second update inspired by 80s (and a little bit 90s…) cartoons! This time I added costumes for three main characters from the Disney cartoons DuckTales and Darkwing Duck. These are the new items:

  • Scrooge McDuck: “beard”, eyebrows, mouth, shirt, glasses
  • Darkwing Duck: shirt, hat
  • Gosalyn Mallard: shirt, hair

The topic for this update was chosen in a poll by my 5€+ Patrons. Let’s see which classic cartoon costumes will come next… :)


  1. You got me ;)
    When I started the poll for Patreon I made an error and added Darkwing Duck because I thought it was from the late eighties. Then I realized I was wrong but it won the vote… I didn’t want to make anybody sad by not drawing it. So I combined this topic with DuckTales for this update.

    The next update will be about true 80s cartoons again, promised.

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