Improved SP-Studio front page & F.A.Q.

The last couple of weeks I have been working hard to improve the SP-Studio front page. Though I liked the plain look of it I noticed most visitors don’t use the menu to access the other parts of this website. They did not even read the news. That’s why I installed a new blog software (WordPress) and included the News in the front page. You can easily access them now by just scrolling down. The sidebar shows information about the SP-Studio community like current contests. And you can see random pictures from fans displayed there as well.
Your feedback is what keeps me coming back for more updates, so I hope the new look will not only help you to stay up to date, but also encourages you to write more comments :).

But the News aren’t the only part of the website that has changed. Please have a look at this:


It is not only more comfortable to read now, but I also included more answers to your questions. For example there are tutorials about how you can combine two characters in one picture, improve the quality of the image files or use your own background. Please tell me if something is missing.

I guess that’s all for now. There are still some errors I have to fix and I need to transfer the comments for old blog entries, but I am glad it looks good so far and the new blog is working. Remember to update your RSS Feed because the URL has changed.


  1. Hi our class loves your avatar creator however in the last couple of weeks we can do everything except skin colour – there aren’t any skin tones to choose from so our avatars are coming out white??? Can you give us some suggestions to fix this.


  2. @rebecca: This sounds strange… When you click on “skin” and on the big black body shape a palette with many colors should appear.
    If you cannot see it try to click on this link:
    Then press the “refresh” button on your browser. By doing this you can make sure the file with the colors can be found.
    Then you can close it. Start SP-Studio again and test if the skin colors work now. Good luck!

  3. I really like your avatar creator, and I’d like to request some things ^^
    First, I’d like to ask you to add the Radioactive symbol, in two versions <-One like this, in which you can color the background of the symbol <-And one like this, in which you can color the symbol itself
    I'd also like to ask you to merge the four colored eyes (The green, blue, brown and red ones) into one, which you can choose the color of instead of using one of the four default ones
    And also merge the two checkered handkerchiefs into one which you can choose the color of and an version of it which is not checkered (which you can also choose the color of)
    Also, could you add a Gi to the freestyle collection shirts? <-I also wish you'd add a haircut similar to this guy's to the haircuts and the colors of his hair and undershirt to the colors of the customizable-color items/parts .<

  4. Thanks for the many ideas. I never promise anything, but some of them sound very good :). I wrote them down for future updates.

  5. BTW, y\’know that sweater/top with the long sleeves, v-collar and lines close to its collar, sleeve tips and waist?
    You should really make a short-sleeved and a sleeveless version of it

    Also, for the tops which have more than two colors, you should make it so that people have to choose each color sepparatedly instead of a combination of colors

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