Update on SP-Studio’s future

The minimum goal has been reached!

The mimimum goal of 600$ is reached!

Because of the amazing support during the past couple of days I reached my minimum goal, which means I don’t have to shut down this website! This is an incredible relief for me. Thank you so much for your funding (48 people donated so far) and for spreading the word! Every single one of you made a difference and helped SP-Studio.de to survive. I was even contacted by coders with experience in projects like this. So the future looks way brighter now than when I started this campaign two weeks ago.

As displayed in the chart above reaching this “mimimum goal” means there will be a new SP-Studio, which will use HTML5 / JavaScript / SVG instead of Flash. With those 600 $ I can create a working version this year. But since this was only the minimum budget it would lack some of the current features. So while it’s not about life and death anymore donations still are important. With them I can work on the more complicated features, like the little buttons to rotate und move items, or the export function. Some of this will be easy, but there are always things which are difficult to code. You can think of it as kind of a Kickstarter campaign: We reached the most important goal, but with additional money more could be achieved. There will be a SP-Studio in the future – that’s save and nobody has to worry about this anymore. But how cool it will be depends on the funding during the next weeks and months, because of course I’d prefer it to be as good or beter than the current version. So sharing and donating still helps during this time because every bit of money will be used to improve the results.

What you can expect from the new SP-Studio

While I will try to include as many old features as possible I also want to improve them. If you have to do the whole thing from scratch why not make it better? I don’t know yet what’s technically possible, but for example it would be cool to have an optimized user interface, more freedom in recoloring, a mobile version or more options to export your image file. Most ideas I want to investigate were brought up by my visitors before, but until now it was not possible for me to include them. With this new version and your support the SP-Studio can grow in new ways, which is a great opportunity. I am really excited to see what will be possible! Oh, and don’t worry about the amount of clothes and other items. I want to include all of them in the new version.

Let’s talk about one more thing… the design

If I have to change the whole coding anyway it’s the perfect time to have a closer look at the illustrations as well. I am not satisfied anymore with many of them. And I would love to change certain aspects of the character design… but I know that’s risky. Even though it’s just a possible idea at the moment I feel like I should tell you everything about it as soon as possible. I don’t want you to get angry ifyou donated money for something which might look different from your expectations in the end. So I will write an extra blog post tomorrow explaining my ideas on design changes. And there will be a vote to see how you react to it. UPDATE: Read more…

That’s it for today. A big thank you again for supporting me! The future of the SP-Studio is saved by awesome people who decided to spend a little bit of (or a lot of) money to help me out. And I am sure this future will be exciting!


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