Update: Fifa Worldcup

Soccer UpdateOkay, you got me… Because of the upcoming wold cup in South Africa I got so many requests for football shirts, that I decided to do this one (and it will be the only one EVER, so don’t even think about asking for more sports wear! :) ) special update. I drew them for all 32 teams, so every fan should find a fitting shirt for him now. You can combine the shirts with the text tool to add numbers and there’s a fitting background too. I hope you like it!

And regarding the world cup:
Recently I made a video for the German Acapella band “Basta” They recorded a funny song about the different teams. It’s in German, but perhaps you want to check it out anyway.
Basta – Gimme Hope Joachim (Video drawn & animated by me, Janina Himmen)

And I have some good news for the ones who can’t stand soccer at all: I am still working on another mixed update for the SP-Studio, which just needs more time.


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