The top 20 most popular items top itemsHow about some statistics? I never posted anything like this before, but it might be interesting bonus content between updates.

Have you ever wondered which items are the most popular on Here you go! I looked through data from the last months and created this top 20 of SP-Studio items. “Popular” means these are the items which get the most clicks. It does not mean they have to be actually used in the final pictures (I cannot count this). Excluded from this list are the body shape, single color background and regular hands. Of course they are the top 3 items because every SP-Studio picture starts with them. As you can see the basic items are really important. But some fashionable shoes or the manga eyes seem to attract your attention as well.

The next stats will be about the most popular background images. Can you guess which ones will be on the list? Share your guesses in the comments! :)


  1. The next update is already planned, but Overwatch inspired items migth be a nice idea. I put it on my list for possible updates :)

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