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Hollywood Weeks: Disney Dress-Up

SP-Studio Hollywood Weeks

Disney’s animated movies are special, especially the old classics. So I decided to focus this movie related update on some of their famous characters. I picked Belle, Merlin, Tinkerbell, Ariel and Pocahontas, because parts of them could be intersting additions to the SP-Studio. This time it’s not only clothes – there are even tattoos, jewelry, beards and fairy wings, 13 new items!. You can see all of them in the picture below and they are marked with a star in the SP-Studio.

Hollywood Weeks Update

Those characters are from the Disney movies The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Peter Pan, The Sword in the Stone and The Beauty and the Beast. My reference pictures. Copyrights for them belong to Disney, I just do fan art.
I hope you like the new items! And remember there will be even more soon, my Hollywood Weeks are not over yet :). So you can still make suggestions on movie related updates.

Hollywood Weeks: Movie Outfits

SP-Studio Hollywood Weeks

The SP-STUDIO HOLLYWOOD WEEKS continue with a 2nd movie connected update.
This time I drew some famous costumes for your characters:

Hollywood Weeks Update

Here is a reference picture. I tried to pick something for everybody: From Jack Sparrow to Tyler Durden, from classic to new. There will be more movie outfits soon, so THIS is your chance to tell me which costumes you would like to see in the SP-Studio. Write an E-Mail or suggest them in the comments.

SP-Studio Hollywood Weeks: Red carpet

SP-Studio Hollywood Weeks

Hooray, finally I can tell you what I was working on the last couple of weeks! The “SP-STUDIO HOLLYWOOD WEEKS” have started! This means during the next couple of weeks there will be several movie relaed updates. And the first one is already online:

Hollywood Weeks Update

Eleven new dresses and one background! I drew them after original dresses worn by famous actresses at the Oscars. Here is a reference picture in case you want to see where they come from.
I hope you like those new clothes. Many girls asked me for some nicer dresses, and I hope that’s something for you :). I tried my best to draw them as detailed as possible.

Let’s see what the next Hollywood update might bring… it will be online in the next couple of days, so check back for more. And of course I am always happy about some feedback.

Update: Fifa Worldcup

Soccer UpdateOkay, you got me… Because of the upcoming wold cup in South Africa I got so many requests for football shirts, that I decided to do this one (and it will be the only one EVER, so don’t even think about asking for more sports wear! :) ) special update. I drew them for all 32 teams, so every fan should find a fitting shirt for him now. You can combine the shirts with the text tool to add numbers and there’s a fitting background too. I hope you like it!

And regarding the world cup:
Recently I made a video for the German Acapella band “Basta” They recorded a funny song about the different teams. It’s in German, but perhaps you want to check it out anyway.
Basta – Gimme Hope Joachim (Video drawn & animated by me, Janina Himmen)

And I have some good news for the ones who can’t stand soccer at all: I am still working on another mixed update for the SP-Studio, which just needs more time.