SP-Studio Survey

The SP-Studio needs a complete rework this year for technical reasons. This made me think about possible (small) changes on the character design. Please read this blog post first if you don’t know about the disadvantages of the South Park style yet. For example a mobile app in the app store is not possible with South Park characters. Then fill out this little survey to help me understand what my audience likes about the SP-Studio and how important the South Park aspect still is for you. Thank you very much!

This is an anonymous survey. So I cannot reply to questions unless you add your e-mail address to the comments field.


How often do you use the SP-Studio?
I used in the past, but don't use it anymore.I use it from time to time (a couple of times per year).I use it often (multiple times per month).

The SP-Studio characters were inspired by the TV show South Park. How do you feel about this design today?
I came here because of South Park and would stop using the SP-Studio if the design was changed.I came here because of South Park, but small design changes would not make me leave.I don't care how the characters look like South Park, I just think they look nice.I would even prefer for the characters to not use the exact same design as South Park.

What do you like MOST about the SP-Studio? What made you return after your first visit?
Multiple answers possible.

Additional comments (optional):