SP-Studio goes Flattr

Maybe you noticed the new button on www.sp-studio.de: Flattr is a service to give and receive small amounts of money on the internet. It is pretty new, so I guess most of my visitors don’t know about it yet and don’t have a Beta account. But I like the idea behind it and so I decided to put the button on my website and write this little news-posting about it.

If you want to know how it works it’s best to check out the video on the Flattr-Homepage. When you register you pay a small amount of money (at least 2 €) and then you can click on flattr buttons on websites which take part. You can publish your own content too and receive clicks. At the end of the month your 2 € are distributed to everyone you “flattred”. So it’s an easy way to make small donations to say “Thank you”. We all know how hard it is to earn money on the internet… I have many visitors, but nearly nobody donates something, even if they use my pictures for bigger projects. It is just not common around the internet to give something back for something you can get for free. That’s why I like the idea behind Flattr: I tried it and it helped me to overcome my inhibitions to donate something for my favorite websites. I believe there are more people like me who are willing to make small donations if it is easy. That’s why I included the button here too. I know most of you don’t use flattr yet, but perhaps I can have my part in making it known. It’s worth a try :). Right now you can only register if you are invited, but I will keep you updated when this will change. Of course this cannot replace Paypal or my Amazon wishlist, but Flattr might become an interesting alternative for people who want to show their appreciation without spending much money.


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