SP-Studio and Google+ (and more)

I created a Google+ page for the SP-Studio. Click on the Logo if you want to take a look:

SP-Studio Google+ Page

You can support SP-Studio.de by sharing the link. And of course you will be informed about every new update there. I created albums with the best pictures from the community contests and with examples for every update I’ll make.

Google+ is rather new, so those of you who prefer Facebook can follow the SP-Studio there by clicking the Like button on the front page. 50.000 fans like the SP-Studio so far at Facebook, which is a great success, considering I never begged for it ;). Thanks a lot for your support!

If you don’t like Facebook and Google+ you can still follow SP_Studio at Twitter or subscribe to the RSS News Feed. So there are plenty of possibilities to stay up up date, give me feedback and support this project by sharing the news and pictures with your friends. But with all this new social media stuff I stopped sending E-Mail newsletters. Sorry, it was just too much work and not many people used them anymore. So please decide for another way if you want to be informed about my updates.


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