Update: Metroid & HALO… and time to vote!

blog_version4.09_03After some Sony related videogame items my new update is based on the two biggest Action heroes from Nintendo and Microsoft: Samus Aran (Metroid) and Master Chief (HALO)!
It took me a while to draw those detailed costumes, but now their iconic body armor and helmets can be found in the SP-Studio and I hope you like them.

There will be one more “videogame costume update” in about a week, but this time you decide what I should draw. Cast your vote in the sidebar!

Update: Buzz!

Buzz! UpdateIt has been a while, but as promised here is another video game related

Because I like the look of the main character in the PS3 game “Buzz! Quiz World” I included his hair-style and glasses in the SP-Studio. I hope they are a useful addition, not only for Buzz, but also for your own characters. And di you notice he ist Canadian?

The next update will come sooner (that’s why this one is so small). I am as sick of those huge breaks between them as you are ;).

Improved SP-Studio front page & F.A.Q.

The last couple of weeks I have been working hard to improve the SP-Studio front page. Though I liked the plain look of it I noticed most visitors don’t use the menu to access the other parts of this website. They did not even read the news. That’s why I installed a new blog software (WordPress) and included the News in the front page. You can easily access them now by just scrolling down. The sidebar shows information about the SP-Studio community like current contests. And you can see random pictures from fans displayed there as well.
Your feedback is what keeps me coming back for more updates, so I hope the new look will not only help you to stay up to date, but also encourages you to write more comments :).

But the News aren’t the only part of the website that has changed. Please have a look at this:


It is not only more comfortable to read now, but I also included more answers to your questions. For example there are tutorials about how you can combine two characters in one picture, improve the quality of the image files or use your own background. Please tell me if something is missing.

I guess that’s all for now. There are still some errors I have to fix and I need to transfer the comments for old blog entries, but I am glad it looks good so far and the new blog is working. Remember to update your RSS Feed because the URL has changed.

Update: Inspired by the PlayStation…

Inspired by Sony’s announcement of the PS4 I drew some parts from famous PlayStation characters of the past. I tried to pick items which can be useful for multiple reasons and not only for building a copy of ths particular character:

  • Solid Snake’s shirt, bandana and hair-style, inspired by the Metal Gear Solid games
  • Crash Bandicoot’s smile and “beard”
  • Sephiroth’s hair-style and shirt from Final Fantasy VII
  • The dress and hat of the main characters from Journey

Missing your favorite game? I have planned more gaming related SP-Studio updates for the near future.

PlayStation Update

SP-Studio Christmas Special 2012

This is the fifth annual Christmas Special! From December 1 until December 24 a new SP-Studio object will be revealed every day. Hair-styles, bodyparts, clothes, toys, background pictures… 24 surprises! So keep an eye on the Advent Calendar to be up to date:

Advent Calendar

The first item is a teapot, let’s see what the next days will bring. You can comment here to make suggestions and of course I am always happy about feedback. I hope you enjoy my updates and have a great time with this Advent Calendar!