New contest: Movie Posters

New contest I’m a bit late, the contest has already started 2 weeks ago. But you still have time until tomorrow (August 15th) evening to submit your SP-Studio pictures! This time the topic is “movie poster”. Pick an existing movie poster of your choice and try to recreate it with the SP-Studio (without additional software). Read all details about the rules in the Forum.


The Top5 pictures from the contest “Jobs” show:
Junkfood worker, Fireman in action, Builder, “I’m so lucky… Google is paying me for recording me playing video games. Fuck Yeah!”, Huntsman

Contest winners

Places: Germany

I wanted to do this in July, but unfortunately I was not able to work on any updates. But now it is time for the month of famous places from around the world! I will draw new background pictures for the SP-Studio, inspired by your favorite places. It can be landmarks or just typical landscapes from different areas of the world. What do you think should be included? You can vote in the sidebar or suggest more places in the comments. There will be another vote later this month with your ideas.

The first update is inspired by my own country, Germany. I picked an important landmark (the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin) and a stereotypical Bavarian landscape ;). Because these might be two things Germany is famous for.

Places from around the world
Don’t forget to vote for what I should draw next!

New contest: Jobs

New contestNot Steve Jobs ;). This month’s contest is about work. Think of a job and show it in a SP-Studio picture! You can just create a character in his typical uniform, but you can also show his whole working environment. You don’t have to choose a specific job as long a your picture fits the topic in some way. For example you could comment on unemployment as well. I am looking forward to your artworks! Please submit them until July 15th. Read all details about the rules in the Forum.


The Top5 pictures from the contest “Aliens” show:
Aliens/UFO’s/Spacefactory, Metroid, Marvin the Martian, Mint-berry Crunch, Facehugger

Contest winners

Update: This and that

  • Today I included a confirmation prompt to avoid the deleting of pictures by accident. If you click on the delete button now the picture does not disappear immediately, but you are asked if you really want to do this.
  • The horse is now availible in many different colors (stuff > animals).
  • A wish by contest winner Till: A spiderweb was added (stuff > averything else).

July will be dedicated to new background pictures for the SP-Studio, and there will be a vote for your suggestions, so make sure to have a look then :).

Update: For the babies

Baby UpdateThis update is dedicated to my sister-in-law – and to everybody else with small children. Four new baby items were added to the SP-Studio:

- baby bottle
- wind wheel toy
- rubber duck
- baby blocks