Places: Colosseum & Mount Fuji

It’s time for the last “Places from around the World” update. I included your favorites from the last poll: The Colosseum (Italy) and Mount Fuji (Japan). With 27 % and 22 % of the votes those two places were clear winners. I hope you like those new backgrounds! :)
During the last couple of weeks I was asked a lot to draw more costumes, so that’s what the next update will be about.

Places from around the world

New Contest: Dead Celebrities

New contestDon’t forget the Halloween contest! Submit a SP-Studio picture about a DEAD CELEBRITY until Ocober 15th. Everybody counts who was an existing person (no fictional characters please). Read all details about the rules in the Forum.


We had two 5th placed this time because both pictures got the same rating.
The Top5 pictures from the contest “Time Travel” show:
Flux Capacitor, cat taken by UFO, The Terminator, Doctor Who: 11th Doctor In “The Pandorica Opens”, 12 Monkeys the future is History and General Thade.

Contest winners - Time Travel

Places: Statue of Liberty & Contest wish

Two new backgrounds were included in the SP-Studio. Your favorite idea was New York’s Statue of Liberty, so here it is! The second image was inspired by the futuristic “Venus Project” and was a wish by contest winner TDC. A new vote has been added to the sidebar based on your requests, so let’s see what the final places-update will look like. I decided to pick countries which were not chosen yet to make it a little bit more interesting.

Statue of Liberty & Venus Project

Don’t forget to vote for what I should draw next!

Places: Eiffel tower & Stonehenge

Thanks to everybody who has voted so far! You picked the Statue of Liberty, Stonehenge and the Eiffel tower, so those places will be added to the SP-Studio. I am not finished with the Statue of Liberty yet (don’t worry, it will be included for sure), but here are the other two:

Places from around the world

Of course more famous places from around the world will be added. A new vote with new places will start after the next update. Don’t forget to vote for what I should draw next!