Update: More “stuff” categories

I re-sorted the “stuff” category, because it got really chaotic. There are 3 new sub-categories now: food, toys and foregrounds. The make-up and extra body parts were merged into one and the tools and weapons as well. I think this helps a lot to find faster what you are looking for.

As an additional new feature I included buttons to switch directly between the sub-categories. They can be found in the “hair” and “shirt” categories as well.

There are no new items in this update, but don’t worry – the next one will come soon.

EDIT: Sorry, it will take a little longer until the next update will be online. A bunch of unexpected work and a borken mouse :(. But I want to finish it around April 1st. No joke ;).

SP-Studio Update

Update: Doctor Who

A new update is online, inspired by BBC’s DOCTOR WHO!

After drawing Sherlock I wanted to do something related to another popular British show. Many fans asked me for this, but it was difficult to pick a doctor. Everybody seemed to have another favorite. So I decided to do all the three “new” doctors in one update. Now you can dress up your characters as the 9th (Christopher Eccleston), 10th (David Tennant) and 11th doctor (Matt Smith). Three hair-styles and two suits were added. I hope everybody is happy with this :).

BBC's Doctor Who costumes

Meanwhile on Facebook…

I just posted a little preview picture for the next update over at the SP-Studio Facebook page. Can you guess what costume it is? :) I think many fans will be happy about it. The update will be online this week.
By the way: If you use Facebook you can follow my updates there by liking the SP-Studio Facebook page. Then you will stay up to date. It would be great to see you over there!

Update: Sherlock

BBC's Sherlock Holmes costumeWhat’s the best thing that happened this year so far?
New episodes of BBC’s SHERLOCK!

I felt like Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes was a good inspiration for a SP-Studio update. Not only because he is very popular, but also because you can use those items to build other characters as well. So I hope you like the five new parts, even if you are no fan of the show:

- mouth
- dark coat
- scarf (custom colors)
- eyebrows (custom colors)
- short, wavy hair-style (custom colors)

New contest: What happened in 2013?

New contestI’m back and the next update should be online tomorrow. In the meantime I want to see your pictures! :) Join the current SP-Studio contest until tomorrow evening by submitting a picture about 2013. What do you remember about last year? Read all details about the rules in the Forum.


The Top5 pictures from the contest about the topic “Traditions” show:
Hallowee, a tame bear, Kissing under the mistletoe, Guy’s Holiday Dishes for Santa’s Visit and Eid.

Contest winners - Traditions