New contest: Movie & Game characters of 2010

ContestA new contest has started in the SP-Studio Community. RULES.

It’s time to look back and remember what happened last year. And to do this we will have two contests this month. The 1st one has started now, the 2nd contest will start on January 16th. But don’t worry – you will have the same time to submit and vote as you are used to. When voting starts for this contest you can already submit your pictures for the next one, so this month will be pretty exciting.

The topic of the current contest is to create a SP-Studio picture of a movie OR game character. The movie / game must have been relased in the year 2010!
The first release counts, most of the time this would be the U.S. release. If you are not sure check websites like Wikipedia, IMDB or IGN. Upload your picture till January 15th (11:59 PM GMT+1) in the Community. Voting runs from January 16th until January 31st. Prizes:

1st place: Make a wish for an SP-Studio item! I will include it, nearly everything is allowed.
1st to 5th place: You get more file space and your own user gallery to present your pictures.


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