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PreviewI just posted a little preview picture for the next update over at the SP-Studio Facebook page. Can you guess what costume it is? :) I think many fans will be happy about it. The update will be online this week.

By the way: If you use Facebook you can follow my updates there by liking the SP-Studio Facebook page. Then you will stay up to date. It would be great to see you over there!

Of course you can also follow me on Google+ or Twitter if you prefer this.


  1. after I finished image can not charge for the contest of your page, even if I unlocked popup help thanks,I can not upload album on my profile on your page goodnight

  2. Submissions for the contest were only possible until the 20th of this month. Now it’s the 25th, so the vote has already started. Sorry, it is too late.

    But you can give the next contest a try: It will start on March 2nd and pictures can be uploaded until March 20th.

  3. Sorry, but there is only space for one person. And it would be way too complicated to code for me.
    But I wrote down some tips on the F.A.Q. page on how to combine your characters later. :)

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