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That's me, the creator of this website. My name is Janina, I am 29 years old and work as a freelance designer in Frankfurt (Germany). I enjoy all kind of games, drawing and watching movies. SP-Studio is a private project I started to work on while still being at school. I got the idea in the year 2001, because I was (and still I am today) a big fan of the TV show South Park and was drawing my friends and celebreties in its unique style. I still offer special drawings like this, so feel free to have a look at this gallery if you are interested in this. So back in the year 2001 I got the idea to create a little Flash game, so everybody could create his own look-a-like without the need of drawing skills. I wanted to inspire the visitors of my website to be creative and so the first version of the "SP-Studio" was released on my German South Park Homepage planearium.de in 2002.

Surprisingly for me my little project became a big success and more and more visitors from all over the world used it to create images. So the SP-Studio deserved its own bilingual website. About 50.000 visitors each day are a good number I guess and you can find my drawings all over the web now. Mostly used as avatars, but there are tons of YouTube videos and band promotions too. This success and the countless feedback e-mails inspired me for bigger updates. I am no coder, so unfortunately my possibilities are very limited, but I always try to learn new things and work hard to improve the SP-Studio. Thanks to my many visitors, who always motivate me to do so!



Version 1.0:

I don't remember many details about the beginning. After the first version of the SP-Studio was released the new official South Park homepage (by the way it is a coincidence they call themselves southparkstudios.com) showed interest. They used it with my permission to promote the new season of the show. Unfortunately they deleted my name although our deal was to keep it there. I guess they did not care about a little fan. Later they let their own coders create a new character creator. But it offers less parts to combine freely, so I try to not be angry about their behaviour any more.


Version 2.0:

The first big update with a new design! The menu guy was introduced so you didn't have to read the text links to navigate any more. Now it was possible to move and delete every single object by clicking on it. More than 100 new objects, color picking and a text tool were added, too. "Hair" and "Hats" were divided into two categories, so from now on it was possible to combine them (wow!).


Version 2.01:

More skin colors. Before this update many dark skinned visitors had problems to find the right color shade. Some time later I bought the domain sp-studio.de due to the growing success of my little project and it got its own (ugly) homepage.


Version 2.02:

More hair colors, now you could choose betweeen 36.


Version 2.1:

A HUGE update with 250 new items. The shirt motives have custom colors now.


Version 2.2:

Halloween special with 45 creepy objects and costumes. A newsletter is added as a new feature and in November a record was set with 62.755 visitors per day.


Version 3.0:

The ugly homepage got a nicer design and a blog for news and comments. The main menu was changed to its current look with a new Logo. And finally a save button was included... but unfortunately it did only work for about a month. Very frustrating. 50 new objects, more colors and a new text tool were added too.


Version 3.1:

First big Christmas Special: 24 new items based on your wishes.


Version 3.2:

27 new hair styles.


Version 3.3:

"Animals" arrived as a new "stuff" category.


Version 3.4:

And another new category: "Fashion accessories".


Version 3.5:

I drew 13 new background places for this update.


Version 3.6:

The Freestyle Collection got new features so you were able to combine clothes.


Version 3.7:

Second big Christmas Special: 24 new items based on your wishes.


Version 3.8:

40 hair styles + highlights + 27 new beards.


Version 3.9:

Fifa World Cup special with shirts for all teams.


Version 4.0:

After long weeks of work the whole website looks better than before. Many design changes, scroll bars replace the single pages and the SP-Studio became bigger.
The SP-Studio Community starts with a first contest. It's a new place where SP-Studio fans can share their pictures and discuss wished for new items.


Version 4.01:

63 new objects and more colors. For example you can add noses, ears and tails now.


Version 4.02:

Third big Christmas Special: 24 new items based on your wishes.


Version 4.03:

Hollywood Weeks! 50 movie related items were added in 4 updates. Red carpet dresses, Disney costumes and other famous movie outfits. I delete the German version of SP-Studio.de, because it's too much work to update two versions.


Version 4.04:

This month several new items are included, based on the best wish voting ideas.


Version 4.05:

From now on I tried to include small updates every week. In November I created a Google+ page for the SP-Studio (it has been on Facebook for a while).


Version 4.06:

Fourth big Christmas Special: 24 new items based on your wishes.


Version 4.07:

While drawing many small updates I made a huge change to the SP-Studio Community. New software and a forum! Unfortunately I wasn't able to import the old accounts so everybody had to register again. But the pictures were saved.


Version 4.07:

10 years SP-Studio! New items for every category! This was actually version 4.07.07.


Version 4.08:

Fifth big Christmas Special: 24 new items based on your wishes.


Version 4.09:

For several months I worked on video game costumes. In march the main page was changed, so from now on the news appear there as well.


Version 4.10:

Famous places from around the world: many new backgrounds included.


Version 4.11:

Costumes of an Egyptian Pharaoh and Freddy Krueger included.


Version 4.12:

Sixth big Christmas Special: 24 new items based on your wishes.


Version 4.13:

Costumes were added, inspired by the TV shows Dr. Who and Sherlock.


Version 4.14:

The "stuff" category got a huge makeover, more categories were included.

And what will happen in the future? Fortunately I have a looong list of ideas for new items, because I collect everything my visitors wish for. So I am sure there will always be enough content for updates. But I am happy about every new suggestion, so feel free to write me an e-mail. But remember: Please read the F.A.Q. BEFORE you ask for anything, because there is written which things you don't need to request.

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