Who creates this website? And how?

My name is Janina Himmen, I'm German and you can read more about me when you click on ABOUT.

This is NO official South Park website, though the art style is based on this TV show. It is just a noncommercial fan project which I created on my own. Some think it is official, because it became very popular, was the first Flash game of its kind and still is the biggest one. It was even used on the official South Park website - But I do not work for them, don't get paid and everything is done in my free time. I use the software Adobe Flash to draw and code everything. And I use a mouse, no drawing tablet.


COPYRIGHTS: May I use the pictures for ...?

Allowed Private use of the images created on SP-Studio.de is allowed. You can print them, use them for single T-Shirt, wallpapers or birthday card. School projects are fine too. But remember this:
Always mention where those images come from! For example if you show SP-Studio pictures on your private homepage, Facebook, Blog or in a message board add a link to www.sp-studio.de. It doesn't matter if you add it to the picture or mention it elsewhere. You are allowed to use them for videos or comics too, as long as you give me credit. Avatars and small images do not need a link.

Forbidden The commercial use of pictures created on SP-Studio.de is forbidden. You are not allowed to sell them, use them for advertising, logotypes or products (selling fake merchandising). Copyright infringements are against the law! Even if I do not sue you the producers of South Park might.

If you have more questions about the copyrights for the pictures feel free to write me an E-Mail: Janina Himmen, info@sp-studio.de. And if you use my drawings for your own projects it would be fair to consider a small donation to support the SP-Studio. Thanks!


What will NEVER be included in the SP-Studio?

Feel free to write me e-mails with requests, I always try to improve this website and I am happy about feedback. But PLEASE stop asking for this, because there are some things which I will never include:

NO different body shapes !!!

Please stop asking about adults and fat kids, this gets really annoying. It should be obvious why there are no, but I will explain it anyway. If there is a second body shape you cannot combine the old items with it. First problem: From now on you cannot combine everything = less possibilities = less fun. Another big problem is the time. I would have to draw EVERY single item again for the new shape. This is a very stupid and time consuming work. Even if I would like to do this it would mean: no updates for at least a year. It makes more sense to use my free time for interesting NEW items for the existing SP-Studio. There are character creators out there which offer different body shaps, but of course this means less items for each shape. Simple maths ;). This is not the way I want to go, because I prefer to offer you as many items as possible which can be combined freely.

NO more band shirts / sport trikots

There are SO many bands and clubs out there, it is impossible to satisfy every fan. Sorry, this is too special. And the logos are protected by copyright anyway, so I won't do it anymore.

NO famous brands or logotypes

Same problem. I do not want to get in trouble because of the copyrights, so I try to avoid them.

NO offline version / app

SP-Studio is meant to be an online game which stays on my website only. I think this is fair, because I do not charge money from you. So your visit on my website is my only "payment" for years of work on this project, because I enjoy the feedback. By the way: An offline version could not be updated as easily like this website, so this is not only the best way for me, but for my visitors too.

NO sounds / animations

The SP-Studio is meant to be a picture maker and will stay this way. Nonsense like this only steals a lot of time I prefer to use for drawing useful new items.


How can I delete / move / flip single items?

Just click on the item after you added it to your picture. A little menu will appear, were you can choose to delete, flip or move it. Deleting and flipping works right away, but after you choose to move the item you have to click on it to drag it. If you do not want to be able to use the little pop up menu you can protect your picture with the lock symbol. I never use this feature, but some people asked me to include it ;).

Known problem: Unfortunately a bug sneaked into version 4. It can happen that the little menu cannot be seen if another object is in front of it. So you have to move or delete this object first.


Why isn't it working on my computer?

If just certain parts of the game or website look strange or are missing you should clear your browser cache (= temporary internet files). If the whole game doesn't work there are two suggestion: Try to install the newest Flash plug-in and check your browser's internet options if they block the website. Good luck!


How can I save my picture?

You can easily save your picture by clicking on the black disc symbol. A pop up will appear and after you click OK your picture will be saved to your download folder as "sp-studio.jpg". There is no watermark on it because I trust you enough to link back to sp-studio.de if you show the picture elsewhere.

If you cannot save your pcture most of the time it's the fault of your pop up blocker. Ckeck the security settings of your browser and allow SP-Studio.de to use pop ups.

If you STILL cannot use the button you will have to make a "screenshot" to save your picture.
Mac: Press Apple-shift-4. Windows Vista / 7: Use the "Snipping Tool" in the start menu. Windows XP: Press the "print" key on your keyboard, nothing happens. Then open a program like Paint or Word. Click "edit", "paste" and the picture appears.


I found this game somewhere else, why?

Yes, unfortunately there are people out there who show no respect for the work of others. I drew everything myself, so if you find parts of this game somewhere else they are STOLEN. The SP-Studio is no open source. But I have seen some stolen "SP-Studios" in the past and none of them were complete. You can only find the newest updates and all items here. So do not waste your time with people like that who really don't deserve any attention.


Is this game suitable for children?

The art style is based on the TV show "South Park", a satirical cartoon for adults. The characters look cute and I do not think this game will harm your children, but there are weapons and drugs. Apart from this I cannot think of anything that might be a problem. But watch your kids if they want to us the "community" features where you can share and comment on images. I don't think they should do this.


Why no other languages?

Unfortunately I don't have the time to update more than one version of the SP-Studio - and I only speak German and English. That's why there are no versions for different languages. But I think you can use the SP-Studio without reading. And if you click on the "?" symbol there is help in different languages.


What's the "SP-Studio Community"?

The Community is a message board with a big image gallery where you can connect with other SP-Studio fans. You can access it through the main menu. If you register (for free of course) you can take part in monthly SP-Studio contests or suggest and discuss ideas for updates. Those of you who score high in contests get their own gallery to present their best SP-Studio pictures. Unfortunately not everybody can have his own gallery, because my server space is limited. That's why you can only win them in contests.


When do you update the site and how do we know about it?

I work as a freelancer, so it is difficult to predict when I will have enough free time for SP-Studio updates. But I try to draw new items whenever I find the time. There are several ways to know if there are updates:

This is the place where you can read the details about every Update and write comments. You can subscribe to the RSS-Feed if you don't want to miss anything.

Follow SP_STUDIO on Twitter if you prefer to read about updates there.

If you use FB feel free to like the SP-Studio page! I write about every update there and read your comments.

This group is mainly a place for fans to share their SP-Studio pictures. But I post important news there as well.

You can follow this page if Google+ is the social network of your choice.

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