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SP-Studio Patreon campaignHappy new year! First of all I want to thank my supporters very much for their PayPal and Patreon donations! You helped me in 2017 to continue with SP-Studio updates and provide the visitors of the site with new items to build their characters. 2018 will be something special though, because huge changes are unavoidable… And I have some sad news.

The death of Flash means the death of

Flash is dying. We all knew this day would come, but now we have a date. Adobe will stop supporting Flash in 2020 and Google, Microsoft, Apple and other major companies have already started to abandon it. Since the SP-Studio is coded in Flash it already works on less and less platforms, and soon it won’t work anymore on your computer as well. If I don’t change from Flash to HTML5 / JavaScript this website cannot survive the next two years. This means a huge rework, which is the reason why I haven’t already done it years ago. While simple Flash projects can be converted to HTML5 with the help of the software Adobe Animate CC, this does not work in my case. I’ll have to redo most parts from scratch. And since I have no knowledge about JavaScript it will be tough. Really tough. And very time consuming and expensive. I even might need to hire a JavaScript programmer to help me.

Only your support can save this website.

You can donate with Patreon or PayPal.

If we want the SP-Studio to survive I need more financial support this year from my visitors to pull this off. I added a new goal to my Patreon campaign which will sound high compared to the amount I usually get per month. But I know so many Kickstarter or Patreon campaigns which manage to reach this… And I ONLY ask for this for 2018. After I am able to complete the HTML5 version I won’t need that much money to keep it running. There even might be an app version and other cool updates because of this change. So it really is an investment in the future. Of course you don’t have to join Patreon. You can also donate per PayPal. With Patreon you get some rewards, but for the SP-Studio both ways to donate are equally helpful.

How much money is needed?

My goal right now is to reach 600 $ during the next three months (which equals three months of my new 200 $ goal on Patreon, but of course the PayPal donations count to it as well). I don’t know exactly yet how much it will be in the end, this is just the minimum. It will depend on how difficult it will be to include certain features which I cannot code myself.

  • If I reach the goal I’d say the SP-Studio is save, even if I have to make the new version smaller than the old one for the start.
  • If it will be more than 600 $ I might be able to add all the features you know from the current version and improve them.
  • If I cannot reach the goal I will use the money to include some final content updates for before it stops working.

UPDATE: The mimimum goal has been reached! Read more about the current status in this blog post: Update on SP-Studio’s future.

But aren’t there donations yet?

I work on this website in my spare time for over 15 years now without charging my vistors. There already are a couple of wonderful people who support me voluntarily, but 10 people cannot pay for a huge rework like the one that is needed now. Last year my Patreon campaign was under 50$ per month. The ad banner here on the main page helps to pay for my server, but the times when ads bring big moneys are long over. Since this rework means months of work it will be expensive and I will have to work less on my regular job to pull it off. This is why I need money to make it happen. With the start of 2018 the situation for Flash gets more any more pressing. Will the SP-Studio die without your help? Yes, because it will not run on your computer anymore as soon as the Flash plugin stops working on it. Until now the Patreon and PayPal donations helped me to provide you with more updates, but now it’s kind of “about life and death” of this website. Please believe me: I hate to beg for help and I would not ask for this if it wasn’t necessary.

Is there a way to help without money?

Spreading the word about the situation of is very important right now. My drawings are used all over the internet as profile pictures, so it is quite popular. But most people don’t visit the website on a regular base. So it is very difficult for me to reach them. If you cannot support me with money you can still share this post on social media and hopefully reach some of those who used the SP-Studio in the past and want to help. If you know somebody who uses an SP-Studio avatar you could talk to this person. Or if you know people who are looking for small Patreon campaigns which don’t get much attention yet.

I want this website to stay…

The SP-Studio means so much to me because this website has been an important part of my life for 15 years now. I hope to reach enough people who want it to still be around in the years to come and grow in new ways. If every one of those who use the avatars would support me with just a tiny amount of money it could survive easily. So please make it happen.


Thank you for reading!
And thank you very much if you already donated!



And please stop insulting me because of this. I had to delete some comments because people want me “to die” and wrote horrible things. This is not helping. I am not in this situation because I want to be. I want to save this website for you… at least for the decent people.


  1. Please don’t shut down.
    I already had to suffer loosing Bitstrips, now Sp Studio?
    If you shut it down, at least release a standalone software app version of the character creator or something.
    This is my all time fun maker.
    Don’t shut down.

  2. I hope I don’t have to shut it down, but unfortunately it is not my decision… :( It only depends on the support of my visitors (including you and everybody else) during the next couple of weeks.

    If I manage to earn enough money with donations I can use it to create a version of the SP-Studio which will work in the future and grow even bigger. But if my visitors don’t want to support me there is no way I can do this on my own. I think it should be possible, because we spend money everyday for so many expensive things. To spend 5 $ in 15 years for the survival of a website we like should be possible for everybody. I have many visitors and never charged them for anything. So if I don’t reach the goal I guess the SP-Studio is not liked enough anymore to survive.

    A standalone app with no need for Flash is not possible with the current version, so unfortunately this is no option.

  3. This is exactly why the money is needed…

    As explained in my last comment: A standalone app with no need for Flash is not possible with the current version, so unfortunately this is no option.

  4. Donated something via PayPal.
    I really hope everything works out and SP-Studio remains to exist! =)


  5. Thank you very much for your kind donation! You already support me at Patreon, so this was a big surprise. You help the SP-Studio a lot.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing and supporting it. After the last couple of days I am optimistic about a happy ending for the SP-Studio. :)

  7. Hey Janina, good luck with gathering funds, I love sp-studio <3 Just donated via PP and will share on FB. Do you have a FB page? Might be worth starting one if not, just for this, with a pp link, as I think a lot of people will find it a really easy way to donate. Just a suggestion.
    Cheerio for now and I'll be keeping fingers crossed for you!

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