The SP-Studio forum is a place where you can connect with other fans and share your pictures. You can discuss the newest updates or suggest ideas for future additions. If you have questions I (Janina) or the modeators will help you, for example if you need support with running Flash in your internet browser. There are galleries for collecting your SP-Studio pictures and update ideas.

The old forum will be replaced because it is experiencing some major problems right now.

This will happen in January 2019. You can not post anything new in the old forum, but I kept it online so you can save the images and texts you want to save:

The reason for the sudden death of the forum was a new PHP version on the server. Since there was no way to update the forum software to make it work with this new PHP version the only solution is to switch to a different software. I am very sorry how this turned out, but the new software will run more stable.

Until the new forum is running you can contact me in the blog comments, on social media or by e-mail.