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Meet me, Nicky V! (Or just call me Nicky.)

Welcome newbies! Create a topic and tell us about yourself.

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Every member can create one thread here. Tell us a bit about yourself and show a picture if you like. Later on you can use your thread for updates on your life, for example when you will be offline for a longer time.

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Hi guys,

I'm a student studying media in England, I also draw, paint and write poetry. So, yeah I'm a pretty creative person. I'm also a fan of South Park (as are most guys on here.) and my favourite Characters are Butters, Tweek, Pip and Timmy. I don't know what else to say so here's a pic:


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That's what I call a happy smile! =) Welcome on board!

(I will stop now saying "Wow, another creative person!" to every new member)


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Hi, there youre welcome!

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Hi Nicky V!
Welcome to the forum!
Hope you have a lot of fun here!!!! =]
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