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Hello everyone

Welcome newbies! Create a topic and tell us about yourself.

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Every member can create one thread here. Tell us a bit about yourself and show a picture if you like. Later on you can use your thread for updates on your life, for example when you will be offline for a longer time.
Post Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:06 pm

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hi , I am chinese french is better than english. i want to improve my english :party:

Post Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:57 am
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Sorry for my indiscretion, but I'm guessing you live in France, oui?

Anyway, welcome to SP-Studio.

Freude, schöner Götterfunken,
Tochter aus Elysium!
Wir betreten feuertrunken,
Himmlische dein Heiligtum!
Deine zauber binden wieder
Was die Mode streng geteilt;
Alle Menschen werden Brüder,
Wo dein saftner Flügel weilt!

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