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New Challenger Approuching... JP_KRAFT GAMES IN!

Welcome newbies! Create a topic and tell us about yourself.

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Every member can create one thread here. Tell us a bit about yourself and show a picture if you like. Later on you can use your thread for updates on your life, for example when you will be offline for a longer time.

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Hello, I'm Jakob, but I would really prefer JP_KRAFT. I normally sit on my butt, and do this :pc: all day... Which is what I'm doing right know... =) I hope you enjoy my pictures. Most of them will probably be Video game characters, because of the new smash bros. I both me and my brother Zawesome enjoy SP-STUDIO with an account, as much as we didd without one. :awesome:
This text is way to small...IS THAT BETTER!!!

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Awesome dude! :thumbup:

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