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Sgt. Peppers: The 50th anniversary tribute

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In a few weeks it will be the 50th anniversary of one of the most well-known and influential albums in music history!
The Beatles' groundbreaking "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band"
Okay, well I have an idea for a project!
Make Sp-Studio verisons of everyone on the cover, individually!
I had this idea a couple years ago and actually made some, I made Lenny Bruce and Diana Dors, but I deleted them.

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Great idea. :thumbup:

Here is one picture I made for a recent contest that can inspire you:


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Here's the master list:
1. Yukteswar Giri
2.Aleister Crowley
3. Mae West (done)
4. Lenny Bruce (done)
5.Karlheinz Stockhausen
6.WC Fields
7.Carl Jung
8.Marlon Brando
9. Robert Peel
10.Bob Dylan
11.Johnny Weissmuller
12.Dylan Thomas
13.Tony Curtis
14.Shirley Temple
15.HG Wells
16. Lewis Carroll
17.Beatles wax figures
18.Oscar Wilde
19.Stuart Sutcliffe
20. Vargas Girl (done)
21.Marlene Dietrich
22.Edgar Allen Poe
23.Aubrey Beardsley
24.Karl Marx
25.Stan Laurel
26.Tom Mix
27.Paramahansa Yogananda (done)
28.HC Westermann
29.Diana Dors
30.Oliver Hardy
31.Albert Stubbins
32.Tommy Handley
34.Petty Girls
35.Mahavatar Babaji
36.lahiri Mahasaya:
37.James Joyce
38.Bobby Breen
39.Stephen Crane
40. Garden Gnome
41.Max Miller
42.Tyrone Power
43.Snow White figurine
44.Shirley Temple doll in Rolling Stones Sweater
45. Mannequin
46. Bette Davis
47. Timothy Carey
48.Huntz Hall
49.Leo Gorcey (painted out)
50.Albert Einstein
51.Larry Bell
52.Sophia Loren
53.Marcello Mastroianni
54.Shirley Temple (again!)
55.Marylin Monroe.
56.David Livingston
57.George Bernard Shaw
58.TE Lawrence
59.Old Lady
60.Legionnaire from Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes
61.Simon Rodia
62.Gandhi (painted out)
63.Sgt. Pepper AKA James Melville Badington
64.Sonny Liston
65. Fred Astaire
66.Aldous Huxley
67.Terry Southern
68.Richard Merkin
69.Issy Bonn
70.Wallace Bermann
71.William S. Burroughs

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Marelene Dietrich

Lenny Bruce (1960s pioneer of shock/social satire humor, there wouldn't be SP among other things if not for him!)

Vargas Girl (SFW edit)

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