Dragon King of Ma-Rin

Dragon King of Ma-Rin

Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:54 pm
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"Far in Thy West, across the Meridian Ocean, Lies the Ma-Rin Archipelago, home of serpent-like Nagas, ruled by the immortal Dragon King. The Nagas Treateth their Ruler as an incarnation of Raiden, Their main God. Because of this, thy etiquette in thy Coral Palace is very strict. Nagan Folks I met in Southparkia, sayeth: If Thou be brave (or stupid) enough to speak to the Dragon King Directly, Thine head will fall off before thou notice, and thine body shalt become food fer thy Holy Sea Serpents kept in Palace."

Anonymous Southparkian Historian, Ye Olde Book of Lore
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