Princess Janina II

Princess Janina II

Wed Jun 12, 2013 7:16 pm
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Illegitimate daughter of King Mingus the Wise of Bikinium. She lived always in the shadow of her sister, always ignored by her parents, always shunned. Even in official titulature she was "the Second", even though Janina I was younger. Janina's grudge escalated, when her father in his last will passed the throne of Southparkia not to her, but Janina I. Since then she always has been plotting to overthrow Janina I, and take over Southparkia. Many times she tried to assassinate her sister, but with no avail, for the power of Zwergcalibur sword protected Janina I. Soon Janina II have been banished from Planearia. She settled down in mighty Grimsgate, where she found an ancient tome of forbidden knowledge. She found out, that Zwergcalibur is not the most powerfull weapon in Southparkia... Twin Blades of Chaos were her chance to take over. Janina II asked Eggiz'lah, King of Worms, to conjure up the blades. Finally, Janina II could declare war on her sister. It all started during coronation, at the Planearian Cathedral. During ceremony, just when Arch-bishop was anointing new Queen, Janina II walked right in, surrounded by armed hirelings, and ordered to stop the coronation. There was a fight, some people died, many got injured, but luckily, the royal knights quickly disposed of Janina's thugs, but the rebel Princess got away. She retreated to castle Grimsgate for reinforcements. That was the beggining of the Great War of Succession. When Janina I was gathering Champions of Southparkia, Janina II ordered her right hand man Jareen II 1/2 to bring her the most notorious, most bloodthirsty, and most sinister enemies of Southparkia. This motley band of cut-throats, Criminals, Cultists and Psychopaths was then known by the name "Fiends of Southparkia".

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This is great :lol:
No, I won't add more body shapes, band shirts or sports trikots. Really.
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