Jaed'pakh Kaee

Jaed'pakh Kaee

Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:49 pm
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Father to Jaed'Pakh Gai. He rightfuly reigned Jaed'Pakh Tribe for 70 years, and aspired to be the king of twenty tribes. Alas, to be proclaimed King of Orcs, and wear the Jagged Horn Crown, one must defeat in honorary duel rival chieftains. And no one dared to challenge old Kaee. No one, except Uruk the Savage. The fight was long and intense, but Uruk cheated, and striked down Kaee. Other chieftains, afraid of their own lives, proclaimed Uruk their King. Only Gai, son of Kaee had the audacity to deny Uruk as the king, and challenged him to another duel. Gai fought bravely, but he was young and unexperienced, so Uruk defeated him quickly. He spared Gai's life, but exiled him, and took his land. But Gai pledged an oath on Kaee's grave. A solemn oath to avenge his father and free his people.

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Good work eggyslav,
Would you kindly head to Ryan's office and kill the son of a bitch?
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