Captain Harad Falco

Captain Harad Falco

Thu May 23, 2013 11:04 pm
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"Woe to any merchant vessel, whether be it swift ashantian galley, nordic drakkar, or steadfast southparkian galeon, which crosses it's path with 'Thy Sea Devil', mighty flag ship of Harad Falco's Pirate Fleet. It's dreaded crew shalt engage thou in pursuit, shoot thou with a volley of catapults and ballistae, loot all thine cargo in the hold, kill all thine crewmates, and sink thy ruined wooden husk, which was your ship. Captain Harad, born as a slave in the house of an ashantian sheikh, escaped from his master, and in thy emerald waves of sea he foundest his asylum. He hast joined a motley band of swashbucklin' buccaneers, and hast proven to be thy most bloodthirsty, most vicious and most fearsome pirate to ever sail thy Inner Sea. After years of plundering, looting, and ravaging, Captain Falco gathered grand fortune and unimaginable riches, and he afforded to build a corsair fleet, for years terrorizing both northern and southern coasts. His ships hast been reported to aid Princess Janina II in battles against Southparkian Royal Navy."

Anonymous Southparkian Historian, Ye Olde Book of Lore.
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