Auriel Oberon, High King of Elves

Auriel Oberon, High King of Elves

Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:34 pm
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"Thy Kingdom of Elves hast its lands in Central Blackwood, consisting of three great clans: Ashen, Mon Star, and Faerie, united under thy rule of High King. There is also Drow Clan, aka. Dark Elves, but they hast their own lands and goverment. Current King of Elves, Auriel, Lord of Oberon of Ashen Clan, is an old ally to the kingdom of Southparkia. Long Ago, King Auriel, and King Mingus the Wise of Southparkia madeth a convenant.According to it, Elves and Southparkians would aid eachother in the times of war. When King Mingus Died, his daughters, Janina I and Janina II started a war of Succesion. Auriel aliied with Janina I, which resulted in great victory, and coronation of thy later. King Auriel is not only a shrewd politician, but also a loyal friend, a great warrior, and some say he is also a powerful mage and Druid."

Anonymous Southparkian Historian, Ye Olde Book of Lore.
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