Uruk, King of Orcs

Uruk, King of Orcs

Tue May 15, 2012 7:17 pm
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"If thou hold dear yer limbs, Thou willist not dare to enter the Dungeon lair of Uruk the Savage, King of Orcs... One of thy most cruel and unforgiving rulers of No Man's Land, Uruk is rumored to be half blood orc, and half blood human. For many years this ambitious chieftain ruled clan Gh'uurz Bagash, 'Shatter Bone' in orcish. His tribe consisteth mostly of savage berserkers and ruthless brigands, who in their audacity were raiding thy northern frontier of Thy Southparkian Kingdom. After thy death of Old King Gurzul Broken Fang, Thy Chieftains of all twenty clans gathered to chose a new King. Uruk Hast always craved for thy Jagged Horn Crown, mighty helmet and symbol of Orcish King's power, and he was determined to get it. Uruk hast defeated other candidate, Kaee of Jaed'Pakh clan, and finally became thy king. As a ruler, Uruk is ruthless, brutal and vile, yet arrogant and vain. He also is very short tempered, and he gets angry really fast."

Anonymous Southparkian Historian, Ye Olde Book o'Lore
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