13/06 Aliens: 'Larry Bird (The Neighbors)'

13/06 Aliens: 'Larry Bird (The Neighbors)'

Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:28 am
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For this theme my first idea was to make an Alf
Image... but I couldn't find the way to make it good looking... Then I tried another great alien: Marvin the martian... and I make it (it will be showed in the gallery too) but I thought that it wouldn't be so original...
So at last I choose the last weirdest alien I knew, and it was Larry Bird from 'The Neighbors'.
To simple to have a winning choice but I hope that all of you who knows the TV sit-com would have half a smile whe you recognize the character. ;)

(20th of 23; 1,43/7 votes) My worst place in the last 16 contests! >( :excited:
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