2012/04 Religion: 'Noah's Ark'

2012/04 Religion: 'Noah's Ark'

Wed May 02, 2012 10:05 am
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To ilustrate the theme of 'Religion' I decided to ilustrate a well known passage of the Ancient Testament. As there can't be drawn couples of animals I played with the puzzled face expresion of Noah's as he couldn't then fullfill God's request.

With this one, the sixth place was achieved (3,36 with 11 votes).
:teacher: Because of the average of votes it was out of the top five. The sum of 36,96 points should give it the 4th place.

For this contest I considered to use another scene of the Bible... that I reserve for the case of possible 'Bible scenes Contest'. ;)

(6th of 38; 3,36/11 votes)
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